Folding the Flag

To properly fold the U.S. Flag, follow these steps:

  1. Two people face each other, each holding one end of the flag. Stretch it horizontally at waist height and fold in half lengthwise.
  2. Fold the flag in half lengthwise again, the union (stars) should be on the top.
  3. One person holds the flag by the union while the other starts at the opposite end by making a triangular fold.
  4. Continue to fold in the flag in triangles from the stripes end until only the blue field with stars is showing.

Flag Ceremony

BUGLER sounds Attention.

PATROL LEADER leads color guard in with flags, coming to halt facing audience.  (Do not post the colors yet).

PATROL MEMBER #1:   Sir, may I ask a question?


PATROL MEMBER #1:   Why do we salute this flag?

PATROL LEADER: To show that we respect it as the emblem of our country -- one nation, indivisible -- with liberty and justice for everyone.

PATROL MEMBER #2:   Sir, why does the red appear on our flag?

PATROL LEADER: Because red was the color of Mother England.  Englishmen gave their blood for liberty.

PATROL MEMBER #3:   Sir, why do the white stripes separate the red?

PATROL LEADER: Because when England denied us liberty, we separated from her.

PATROL MEMBER #4:   Sir, why is the union shown by a constellation of stars?

PATROL LEADER: Because our union was formed with the help of God.

PATROL MEMBER #5:   It is a beautiful flag.  And it stands for a great nation.

PATROL LEADER: Let us all pledge it our allegiance. . . Right hand, salute!. . . I pledge allegiance . . . etc.
           (PATROL LEADER leads pledge, with everyone joining)

PATROL LEADER: Bugler, sound off!

BUGLER plays To the Colors.

PATROL LEADER: Two.  Color guard, post the colors (colors are posted). . . Color guard, dismissed!
PATROL LEADER leads color guard out.