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In Loving Memory

Keith Monroe was Scoutmaster of Troop 2 for the first 42 years of its existence.

We mourn the passing of Keith Monroe (88) on September 9, 2003, but remember the impact he has had on so many. The discipline he developed in his boys, and his unwillingness to accept less than the best, led to success at National and International Jamborees for Troop 2. It also led to the development of countless scores of men over the last 56 years.

In his capacity as the official historian of the BSA at one time, and as a writer and active participant at the national level, Keith has had an impact on scouts everywhere in the United States. He wrote many merit badge pamphlets, including an acclaimed series on the Citizenship merit badges (since rewritten by others) and Canoeing merit badge. He was a regular contributor to Boys' Life and Scouting magazines. He wrote the semiautobiographical "Be Prepared" under a pseudonym in the early 1950's, which exposed the joys and trials of being a scout leader. More recently he wrote a history of the BSA, which at this time may or may not ever be released.

Keith's involvement in the development of scouting at all levels, and Troop 2 in particular, will continue well beyond the end of his time.

We thank you Keith Monroe

  Tax-deductible donations to the Keith Monroe Scholarship Fund at Troop 2 will be appreciated. Contact Peter Cohen, Parent Committee Chair.   Send us your fond memories or remembrances of Keith Monroe.

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