Campout April 22, 2017 - Holcomb Creek, Big Bear

Everything needed for this camp MUST be carried in. Scouts carry a "full pack." This means they "hike in" from the road to the campground carrying all their equipment -- tent, sleeping bag, pillow, pad, food and water (patrol food divided up and the extra water needed by the patrol that has also been divided up), plus whatever they usually carry in their backpack.

The troop will camp at Holcomb Crossing Trail Camp, which is situated by Holcomb Creek, between Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear Lake. Younger scouts will start at the Lake Arrowhead end, and older scouts will start at the Big Bear end. The two groups will meet at the campground. Older scouts are those in 9th grade or higher, and younger scouts are those in 7th grade or lower. Eighth graders can choose the trail they would like to take. The older scouts’ trail is approximately 8 miles long with a 1,300-foot altitude difference. The younger scouts’ trail is approximately 4.5 miles long with a 700-foot altitude difference. Because there are two different trailheads, we will have separate driver line-ups for the younger scouts and older scouts on Saturday morning. The scouts should know which hike they’re taking and line up in the appropriate group. On Sunday, scouts will hike out via the trail they came on.

Scouts should bring all they need – but nothing more. Remember, they need to carry everything in and out. Make sure they have their water bottles or bags filled before they get in the car. There is no potable water at the trailheads. Patrol leaders are responsible for group gear. Remember to pack two lunches – one for Saturday and one for Sunday. Please make sure that the scout knows which is which. We don’t want that tuna salad sandwich packed on Saturday morning to get eaten on Sunday afternoon.

If your son is not sharing a tent, and you don't have a featherweight tent, consider renting one (Adventure 16 or REI.) It is extremely important that each scout be prepared for a rigorous outdoor experience, but particularly on this camping trip. DO NOT OVERPACK. Recruits have been assigned to patrols for this campout. They should discuss with their patrol leaders regarding their meals and sleeping arrangements.

Drivers: If you have a high-clearance vehicle, please bring it. A regular passenger sedan can negotiate the bumps, dips, and rocks on the unpaved (and very sparsely maintained) roads, but it is much easier in a high-clearance vehicle. Maps and directions are on the troop website, and printed ones will be distributed on Saturday morning. It is crucial to meet up at the pre-specified rally points near the final destinations to make sure that the whole group is together. Do NOT just head straight for the trailhead. We need to display an Adventure Pass in the car when it is parked at the trailhead. These will be distributed on Saturday morning.

Equipment List: Click here for Packing List and Suggestions for this Camp
HIKING ADVICE  Click on the link to read suggestions written for the Hiking Merit Badge. Most of this advice is perfect for this campout.
Directions for OlderScouts
Directions for younger scouts
Make sure you take the correct route.


Photos of a past Holcomb Creek Campout - click here.

Please check the weather forecast for both Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear Lake. The temperatures should be closer to the Lake Arrowhead forecast. Be prepared for FREEZING temperatures at night. BE PREPARED FOR RAIN! Rain gear is a must. Make sure the sleeping bag is protected --- inside a waterproof bag. Make sure you have a rain cover for the backpack. A heavy-duty garbage bag to cover it will do. Make sure the contents inside the backpack are in waterproof bags. Zip-Loc bags and garbage bags will be fine for this purpose.