What is Mother's Club all about?
  • Supporting our boys, the troop, & our Scoutmaster, Dr. Steve Marcy
  • Fundraising: to raise money to help purchase large ticket items that the troop needs, such as canoes; we are a non-profit organization
  • Sharing information, asking/ answering questions & helping one another
  • Networking with other moms with boys
  • Having fun!

2013/2014 Officers and Chairs

Presidents: (learn more...) Meighan Maguire, Mary Pavlica
Vice President: (learn more...) Lisa Melchior
Secretaries: Tracy Harris, Lisa Melchior
Treasurer: (learn more...) Jessica Chuang
Committee Chairs:
Mother's Club Executive Board: t2mothersclub@gmail.com
Den Chief Coordinator: Meighan Maguire
Equipment & Uniform Exchange: (learn more...) Kathy Li (Shi)
Event Name Tags: Marcia Sauters
Hospitality: (learn more...) Julie Adler, Sue Mullins
Mentor, Recruits: (learn more...) Marcia Sauters
Mentor, Troop 1 1/2: (learn more...) Shelley Hawkins
Name Tags & Neckerchiefs Marcia Sauters
Red Jackets: Meighan Maguire
Supplies/Garage: (learn more...) Marcia Sauters & Susan Giesberg
Troop 1 1/2 Folders: Shelley Hawkins
Fall Parent Dinner:
Chair: Sharon Han, Shinyi Wu
Site Host: Bob Ramirez
Invitations/RSVP Shinyi Wu
Setup Jessica Chuang, Ann Pake, Liz Soto (Décor)
Cleanup Jessica Chuang Li Kendrick  
Fall Court of Honor:
Chair: Meighan Maguire
Setup Joyce Woodruff, Mary Kane
Cleanup Meighan Maguire
Walk on Montana:
Chair: Beth Brinker, Jajeh Mirhashemi, Siow Vigman, Anne Mathias, Shari Weiller
Site: Troop 2 Tree Lot
Winter Court of Honor:
Chairs: Shari Weiller, Sandy Sam
Invitations: Sue Mullins
Program & Press Release: Lisa Melchior
Registration: Vanessa Vaillancourt, Mary Pavlica
Set Up: Kathi Li, Elanine Bautiste
Food Coordinator:
Site: Church of the Latter Day Saints
Decoration Coordinator: Fran Kaplan
Kitchen Coordinator: Jessica Chuang, Stephanie Furlong
Cleanup Coordinator:
Eagle Mom Coordinator:
Spring Silent Auction & Dinner:
Auction Chair: Joyce Woodruff, Shannon Kelley
Donation Manager: Mary Kane, Lori Paulsen
Donation Storage Cande Friedman
Baskets Sharon Han, Shinyi Wu
Closeout/Coordinator Karen Rappaport McHugh, Jennifer Betts
Data Entry Siow Vigman, Elaine Gordon
Decorate/Setup/Cleanup Marcia Sauters, Liz Soto, Carol Forsythe, Shari Weiller
Food Coordinator Shari Weiller
Live Auction Coordinator Mary Pavlica
Invitations Sue Mullins
Registration Megan Zemke, Sue Mullins, Julie Adler, Shari Weiller
Mothers' Luncheon:
Chairs: Karen McHugh, Carol Forsythe
Site Host: Jacqueline Gentile
Family Camp
Registration/Payments: Mary Pavlica, Meighan Maguire
Kids Games Coordinator: Linh Vu, Karen McHugh
Appetizers/Desserts Coordinator: Liman Zhee, Shari Weiller
Spring Eagle Court of Honor:
Chairs: Fran Kaplan, Mary Kane
Program & Press Release: Lisa Melchior
Invitations/RSVP: Sue Mullins
Registration: Mary Pavlica, Meighan Maguire, Jessica Chuang
Set up Coordinator:
Food Coordinator: Connie Lai, Jessica Chuang, Stephanie Furlong
Decoration Coordinator: Siow Vigman
Clean-Up Coordinator:
Eagle Mom Coordinator
Site: Camp Josepho

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