What is a Den Chief?   

A Den Chief is a scout in 7th – 10th grade who works with a den of cub scouts under the supervision of the group's adult Den Leader.  He actively participates in den meetings and activities throughout the school year, helping the cubs advance in rank, earn belt loops/pins, and enjoy the adventure of scouting.  In this way, Den Chiefs have the invaluable opportunity to gain leadership experience, to represent T2 in the broader scouting community, and to encourage cubs to continue along the path to Boy Scouts.  T2 scouts who really excel in their efforts are eligible for the Den Chief Service Award and, depending on rank, leadership credit for Star rank.
At the meeting on October 3, you will learn what you might gain from this experience and what the commitment is.  You will then be asked to make a decision about whether this seems like a good fit for you for this year.  If you would like to serve as a Den Chief this year but cannot make the meeting next week, contact me by phone or email this week.
Yours in Scouting,
Shelly Hyde-White
BSA Troop 2 Den Chief Coordinator