Troop 2 Patrols 2015-2016

Staff in Training, Staff, and Senior Patrol Leaders

The Patrol Leader provides service and leadership. He plans and leads Patrol meetings and activities, helps Scouts advance, knows the abilities of each Patrol member, assigns duties, keeps Patrol members informed, sets a good example, wears the uniform correctly, and shows and develops Patrol spirit.
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Patrol Leaders

Daniel Cohen

Caleb Kim

Tucker Beall
Jack Dawson
Jackson Gillespie
Hudson Mathias
Lennon Miura

Brian Kim
Liam Halberg
Morgan Jarow
Liam Katz
Jake Kim

Nick Faries

Ryan Lai

Angel Reed
Hugo Resnick
Donovan Sanders
Oison Whitebloom

Zion Ansari
Garriel Ramirez
Nick Vellencourt
Michael Vigman
Michael Wang

Riley Furlong

Andrew Liu

Daniel Gordon
Felix Mardesich
Chase Mayer
Oliver Mead

Bryan Han
Kadin Kloss
Michael Wang
Brian Yang

Ryan Hino

Quintin Rodrigues

Spenser Foote
Ricky Hughes-Reyes
Cole Mancewicz
James Trinh

Josh Eaton
Alex Gillespie
Seth Sakamoto
Trent Schroer

Jack Hyde-White

Michael Shi

Ethan Kelley
Jack Kelley
Ethan Mullane
Harry Newman
Jack Zemke

Gio Alvarex-Cueva
Michael Basseri
Connor Chen
Zachary Forsyte
Elan Nadelman


     A Scout achieves the Staff-in-Training position after being a patrol leader or upon entering 11th grade. An SIT continues to learn leadership with guidance from the senior staff. Usually a Scout is an SIT for 6 months to 2 years depending upon his display of leadership and commitment to the troop.

Santiago Brown
Harlan Goldman-Belsma
Ryan Han
Ronald Harris-Gavin
Gavin Lai
Rami Mamita
Aiden Metz
Matthew Morawiec

Jake Pavlica
Daniel Ramirez
Skyler Sam
Richie Smith
Martin Su
Eli Warshauer
Sam Weiller
Kyle Zolkin


     The Senior Staff votes periodically to promote SITs to the Senior Staff position. Senior Patrol Leaders (SPL)are elected by the staff at the beginning of the school year and must be senior staff to qualify. SPLs essentially run all troop activities making sure that everything is taken care of. They serve for a one-year term and must be re-elected if they wish to serve again.

Parker Furlong
Dante Gaudet
Jared Gentile
Jacob Hammersly
James McBride

Kai McNamee
Jonathan Seymour

Sasha Steffes
Jonathan Trinh


(as of 9/20/2015)