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Troop 2 Attendance Policy

The troop attendance policy is based on the two school semesters.  There is typically a Court of Honor at the end of each semester.


TROOP MEETINGS.  The Scout must attend at least 75% of all regular troop meetings during the semester.  Late arrival or early departure will be counted as half an absence.  Scouts in patrols are also expected to attend patrol meetings.


CAMPS.  The Scout must attend at least two weekend campouts each semester.  For Scouts in patrols, one of these can be the October patrol camp.  Staff members may also have a camp in October or can ask a patrol leader to join a patrol camp.  (The February snow trip does not count as a campout.)  Attendance for camps will be taken at the 7:00 A.M. lineup at Lincoln.  Late arrival or early departure will be counted as half an absence.


STAFF MEETINGS.  Each member of the Troop Staff or Staff-in-Training may have no more than one unexcused absence to a staff meeting during each semester.  For an excused absence, the staff member must e-mail Mr. Matise at before the meeting.


NOTE.  Scouts are expected to be in complete Scout uniform for all meetings and camps.  The uniform includes Scout shirt, Scout shorts or pants, Scout belt, neckerchief, and slide.  When the weather gets colder and on campouts, we permit blue jeans or hiking pants instead of Scout shorts.  Clothing should be sized appropriately.  Scouts who arrive at a meeting or camp without complete Scout uniform may not receive attendance credit.  For staff, complete uniform includes a wristwatch or other means of time telling.


CONSEQUENCES.  If a Scout fails to meet the minimum attendance requirement for either troop meetings, camps, or staff meetings during a semester, he will not be eligible for rank advancement at the end of that semester (failure to satisfy the Scout Spirit requirement).  In addition, he will be on probationary status during the next semester.  If the Scout again fails to meet the minimum attendance requirement during his probationary semester, he may be asked to leave the troop. 


EXCEPTIONS.  Exceptions to the policy can be made for illness or injury, but not for conflicts with other activities.  If the Scout is unable to attend school because of illness or injury, he is not expected to attend the Scout meeting either.  However, the Scout must request in writing to the Scoutmaster ( explaining the circumstances if he would like an excused absence from a meeting or camp.

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