Patrol Scoring

1. Regular troop meetings (non-advancement):

1st place: 20 points
2nd place: 18 points
3rd place: 16 points, etc.


2. Can collection (first meeting of each month):

1st place: 10 points
2nd place: 9 points
3rd place: 8 points, etc.


3. Advancement troop meetings and other events that are scored on attendance only:

2 points for patrol leader plus 1 point for each additional patrol member (smaller patrols get 1 point automatic credit for each member less than the largest patrol). These numbers will be doubled for service projects such as Holiday Sing (Franklin Carnival Cleanup is scored as a special activity described below).

4. Camps (count as two regular troop meetings):

1st place: 40 points
2nd place: 36 points
3rd place: 32 points, etc.


5. Advancement (January Court and June Court):

Advancement in rank: 5 points
Eagle-required merit badge: 3 points
Non-Eagle-required merit badge: 2 points


6. Patrol camp (must occur between November and January troop camps):

40 points if at least 3 Scouts and 2 adults participate; 4 bonus points for each Scout or adult over this minimum. In addition, you earn 8 bonus points for a 1 hour service project completed on the camp. Maximum of 80 points (e.g., 8 extra people and a service project). You must camp at least one night in tents or under the stars. You must also notify Dr. Marcy in writing (note at a troop meeting is fine) where and when you went, who went, and the service project you did (if any).

7. Special activities:

An appropriate point system will be used. For example, the tree lot counts as 5 troop meetings. Bloody Monday counts as 2 troop meetings. Franklin Cleanup is based on 40 points, with the patrol receiving a percent of 40 points equal to the percent of the patrol that participates.

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