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Troop 2 Christmas Tree Lot



While working at the tree lot:

  • Sign in and out for your shifts, breaks and deliveries

  • Scouts never deliver a tree alone. There must be at least two scouts per delivery.  Along with signing out: the customer's name, address and phone number must be recorded.

  • Wear your Class A uniform. Work gloves (name inside) are a huge help. Be careful not to get tree sap on your uniform

  • Assist customers picking out a tree, wreath, garland, and stand. Carry the customer’s tree to the cashier, and tie tree onto the car/deliver if appropriate

  • Keep the lot tidy – straighten trees, sweep, restock, pick up trash/papers

  •  Have a good time 


ONLY staff and adults attach the tree stands. We only attach the stands we sell.


ONLY adults are allowed in the office trailer


Parents and Scouts are welcome to come as much as they can volunteer even if their patrol is off for the day. The tree lot is a lot of fun!  


All Scouts who complete their minimum 20 hour requirement are given a discount of $100 off the price of the Ski Trip in February.


Tree Lot Guidelines and Delivery Consent forms must be signed and returned before Scouts can work on the Tree Lot.  Bring your forms to the tree lot on Saturday, November 25th or Sunday, November 26th.

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