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Camp Emerald Bay Awards

Sea Lion Swim

3-day swim at 6:00 a.m. in the swim area. Twelve lengths each day. This is a beginning swim before the mile swim for younger scouts.

Buffalo Run

A 3-mile run/walk/crawl from the Parson's gate at the back of camp over a very large hill to Parson's Beach and back again.

War Canoe

An overnight canoe trip generally to Parson's Beach in 6 - 8 person canoes.

Silver Peak Hike

A hike to the highest point on the west side of Catalina Island, approximately 1600-1800 ft and 4 hours round trip.

Wearing Your Patches: The Sea Lion Swim, Buffalo Run, War Canoe and Silver Peak Hike Awards are worn in a circle around the Camp Emerald Bay Patch.

Scuba - Participate in or get certified doing Scuba.

Rugged E - Participate in the all day-all week High Adventure Program for campers that are 14 years old and older. Work on team building and communcation as well as challenging personal limits.

Brigand, Buccaneer, and Pirate

These patches are ways in which scouts can test their skills based on the number of years going to a summer camp. Each patch has a list of requirements starting with the Brigand. Each level gets harder and requires more involvement in teaching skills to other scouts.

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