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The Official Boy Scout Uniform

With Links to Information About the Placement of Patches and Badges

What is the Official Uniform?

The Official Uniform requires a short-sleeved Scout Shirt, Western Los Angeles County Council patch, olive green shoulder loops, Scout Shorts, green Scout Belt, Neckerchief Slide, and the Troop red and white Neckerchief


What Does the Full Uniform Consist of?

The Full Uniform consists of the Official Uniform and 50 cents for emergency phone calls, notepaper and pen, personal identification, and a band-aid.


When do I wear the Full Uniform?

Full Uniform is required for all Monday night Troop meetings, Boards of Review, and travel with the Troop.


What is a Class B Uniform?

A Class B Uniform consists of a Troop T-Shirt, Scout Shorts, and Belt. This is usually worn to Breakfast and Lunch during Summer Camp.

Why do some Scouts wear a White Belt instead of Green?

The Scouts who wear the white belt have been awarded it. It is called the "Century Belt" and means they have hiked 100 miles, camped for 100 nights (in a troop activity), or a combination of both. Keep track of your hikes and campouts. Download form here.


Who gets to wear the 55th Anniversary Strip?

Only those who were in Troop 2 at the time the 55th Anniversary occured may wear the strip. Anyone who was a member of Troop 2 in January 2002 may wear the 55th Anniversary Strip.

How do you get Buffalo Run and some of the other patches?

Many patches can only be earned at Summer Camp. See the Awards page for a full description.

Wearing Your Sash, Awards, Badges, and Patches

Where do I wear my Perfect Attendance Pin?

If you are awarded the Perfect Attendance Pin for attending every meeting for a year, you may wear it only to Courts of Honor on the right pocket flap.

What's the difference between the Den Chief Patch and Den Chief Rope?

You wear the Den Chief Patch directly below the "2" Patch on your left sleeve only when you are a Den Chief. When you are no longer a Den Chief, you must remove it from your uniform and put it on the back of the sash. The rope (yellow & blue) can be worn on the left shoulder when the Scout holds 2 positions of leadership. He would wear the patch from the other position on the left sleeve and the rope on the left shoulder to signify he is also a Den Chief. If Den Chief is the only position of leadership, the Scout may choose to wear the rope or not. There is no official BSA position on it.

When a Scout is no longer a Den Chief, he may wear the red/white/blue rope on his left shoulder only if he has earned the Den Chief Service Award.

More Den Chief and Rope info here.

When can I wear the Sash?

See the Sash Page for all Sash information.

How can I see where to put the patches and badges?

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