Troop 2 Merit Badge Counselors

(E) Eagle Required

  • If you need a counselor for a merit badge and no one is listed, contact (to be announced.)
  • If you would like to borrow a Merit Badge Booklet from the Troop 2 library, contact scout Bryan Han or collect it at any Monday meeting.

  • Application and Guide to Becoming a Merit Badge Counselor (PDF)

Merit Badge Worksheets:

Merit Badge Counselors

American Business: Steve Pruneau, Dan Stirling

American Cultures

American Heritage: Meighan Maguire

American Labor:

Animal Science: Gary Adams


Archery: Peng Zhao,

Architecture: Mike Ishler

Art: Sarah Lopez


Athletics: Kevin Spiteri, Natalie Spiteri, Shelly Hyde-White

Auto Mechanics

Aviation: Marcil Mamita, Jaleh Mirashemi

Backpacking: Axel Andre, Bryan Gordon


Bird Study


Camping (E): Bryan Gordon, Mike Ishler, Michael Kelley, Dan Stirling

Canoeing: Peng Zhao


Chess: Steve Pruneau, Walter Huang

Citizenship in the Community (E): Leisle Bartley, Steve Pruneau, Meighan Maguire, Janet McLaughlin, Haleh Mansouri

Citizenship in the Nation (E): Ivey Burton, Steve Pruneau, Fran Kaplan, Meighan Maguire, Janet McLaughlin

Citizenship in the World (E): Steve Pruneau, Murray Miller, Fran Kaplan, Marcil Mamita, Jaleh Mirashemi, Janet McLaughlin

Climbing: Peng Zhao

Coin Collecting


Communications (E): Leisle Bartley, Shelly Hyde-White, Meighan Maguire, Dan Stirling, Mary Pavlica, Michelle Steffes, Janet McLaughlin, Marilyn Patton, Tino Lucente

Composite Materials

Cooking (E): Victoria Briggs, Peng Zhao, Jessica Chuang, Ellen Genco, Nanette Reed, Kathy Li, Michelle Steffes, Li Kendrick

Crime Prevention

Cycling: Bryan Gordon, Michael Kelley


Digital Technology: Steve Pruneau, Richard Keeves

Disability Awareness: Kevin Spiteri, Natalie Spiteri

Dog Care: Nanette Reed, Janet McLaughlin

Drafting: Mike Ishler


Electricity: Axel Andre, Steve Pruneau

Electronics: Steve Pruneau, David Lappen

Emergency Preparedness (E): Joe Sachs

Energy: Ari Nadelman

Engineering: Kipp Nolder, Toni Nolder, Mike Ishler, David Lappen, Sia Basseri

Entrepreneurship: Mike Ishler, Sia Basseri, Michelle Steffes, Nanette Reed

Environmental Science (E): Bryan Gordon


Family Life (E): Victoria Briggs, Nanette Reed, Jaleh Mirhashemi, Janet McLaughlin, Haleh Mansouri, Karen Lucente

Farm Mechanics


Fire Safety

First Aid (E): Joe Sachs, Deidre Keeves

Fish & Wildlife Management: Peng Zhao

Fishing: Bryan Gordon

Fly Fishing


Game Design

Gardening: Victoria Briggs

Genealogy: Michael Halberg


Geology: Victoria Briggs

Golf: Steve Sussman

Graphic Arts

Hiking: Michael Halberg, Axel Andre, Bryan Gordon, Peter Cohen, David Lappen, Mike Nagata, Kent Moody, Peter Pak, Michael Halberg

Home Repairs


Indian Lore: Janet McLaughlin

Insect Study: David Lappen

Inventing: Dan Stirling

Journalism: Karen Lucente, Tino Lucente, Vanessa Vaillancourt, Janet McLaughlin, Haleh Mansouri, Karen Lucente



Landscape Architecture

Law: Nanette Reed, Nanette Reed, Haleh Mansouri, Sheri Rockwell




Mammal Study: Peng Zhao, Mike Nagata

Medicine: Joe Sachs, Mike Nagata, Peter Pak, Dave Kim


Mining in Society

Model Design and Building: Mike Ishler


Movie Making: Michael Halberg, Steve Barnett, Karen Lucente, Tino Lucente, Michael Kelley, Steve Barnett, Michael Halberg

Music: Steve Pruneau, Bonnie LaVallo

Nature: Bryan Gordon

Nuclear Science: Axel Andre, Victoria Briggs


Oceanography: Dan Stirling



Personal Fitness (E): Axel Andre, Natalie Spiteri, Dan Stirling, Michael Kelley

Personal Management (E): Dan Stirling, Karen Lucente

Pets: Victoria Briggs, Janet McLaughlin

Photography: Doug McNamee

Pioneering: Mike Ishler

Plant Science

Plumbing: Gerald Bender

Pottery: Jessica Chuang

Programming: Steve Pruneau

Public Health

Public Speaking: Mathius Gertz, Karen Lucente, Tino Lucente, Michelle Steffes, Janet McLaughlin, Nanette Reed

Pulp and Paper:


Radio: Jeff Kloss, Janet McLaughlin

Railroading: Roy Harling

Reading: Sharon Hart, Ron Theile, Janet McLaughlin

Reptile & Amphibian Study: Bryan Gordon

Rifle Shooting: Peng Zhao

Robotics: Richard Keeves




Salesmanship: Dan Stirling, Michelle Steffes

Scholarship: Sharon Hart

Scouting Heritage

Scuba Diving: Mathius Gertz, Peng Zhao, David Lappen, Mike Nagata

Sculpture: Mike Ishler

Search and Rescue

Shotgun Shooting: Peng Zhao

Skating: Janet Gillespie, Nanette Reed, Shelly Hyde-White

Small Boat Sailing: Richard Keeves, Kent Moody

Snow Sports: Kevin Spiteri, Kent Moody, Dave Kim

Soil & Water Conservation

Space Exploration

Sports: Natalie Spiteri, Shelly Hyde-White

Stamp Collecting


Sustainability (E): Bryan Gordon, Peter Hammersly, Stephen Chen

Swimming (E): Peng Zhao, Dave Kim


Theater: Karen Lucente, Tino Lucente, Nanette Reed

Traffic Safety

Truck Transportation

Veterinary Medicine

Water Sports


Welding: Peng Zhao, Mike Ishler

Whitewater: Peng Zhao

Wilderness Survival: Kent Moody, Mike Nagata

Woodcarving: Bryan Gordon

Woodwork: Peng Zhao, Mike Ishler, Roy Harling