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Troop 2 Parents Committee

2018 - 19 OFFICERS

Scoutmaster: Dr. Steven Marcy

Parent Committee Chair: Steve Barnett

Treasurer:  Kathy Ishler

Committee Chairs

Advancement Chair: Joan Sussman

Boards of Review: Joan Sussman

Charter Representatives: Michael Rich (RAND Corporation)

Court of Honor: TBA

Den Chief Coordinator: Shelly Hyde-White

Electronic Communications: David Lappen

Meeting Facilities: Michael Rich

Mother's Club Presidents: Megan Zemke, Florence Foote


Recruitment & Retention:  Ann and John Matise


Design & Maintenance: Maryanne Solomon

Advancement Leaders

Troop 1-1/2: Bob Gunter

Recruits: TBA, Jessica Chuang

Second Class: Ken Sleeper, Marvin Lai

First Class: Aaron Furlong, Tom Foote

Star: Steve Sussman

Life: Bryan Gordon

Eagle: Michael Kelley

Staff Advisor: Dan Stirling

Camping and Event Support

Bloody Monday: Suzie Kim, Allison Leong, Kent Moody, Peter Pak

Camping Chair: Derek Eaton

Canoe Equipment Coordinator:

Christmas Tree Lot: Marvin Lai

Family Camp: Peter Cohen

July 4th Event: Roy Harling

On-Call - 3 Hours: Meighan Maguire, John Shin, Todd Erlandson

Walk for Life (July): Roy Harling, Suzie Lockwood

Other Support Activities

Aluminum Cans: Chris Kim

Alumni: Graham Wong

Charter Representatives: Michael Rich (RAND Corporation)

Canoe Maintenance:

Fleece Jackets Sales: TBA

Librarian: Bryan Han (Scout)


One Time Committees

501c3 Review: Kathy Ishler, Anita Landecker, Alan Benjamin

Special Needs: Ken Sleeper

Assistant Scoutmasters

Mark Brown
Stephen Chen
Jessica Chaung
Bob Clinco
Peter Cohen
Derek Eaton
Mark Faries
Tom Foote
Steve Forsyte
Aaron Furlong
Bryan Gordon
Bob Gunter
Michael Halberg

Peter Hammersly
Paul Hawkins
Mike Ishler
Michael Kelley
Dave Kim
Jeff Kloss
Marvin Lai
David Lappen
Marcil Mamita
Greg Metz
Murray Miller
Peter Morawiec
Mike Nagata

Peter Pak
Gary Pavlica
Rod Rodrigues

Joe Sachs
Chris Sleeper
Ken Sleeper
Rich Smith
Dan Stirling
Steve Sussman
Ron Theile
Mark Warshauer
Graham Wong

Haitao Yang

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