Troop 2 Family Camp

Camp French on Lake Lopez, May 25 - 27, 2019

This year's Memorial Day Weekend Family Camp will be at Boy Scout Camp French on Lake Lopez in Arroyo Grande.  There is a large, open area for tents (big enough to keep Scouts and families separate), and a large, enclosed mess hall with room inside and outside for additional tables and chairs, and a full, industrial-strength kitchen. 


If paid at Family Camp (cash or check only)

Adults $62, Scouts $40, Siblings $50, Guests $62

Weekend Schedule of Events

A brief overview of the weekend’s activities is listed below. Please note that the camp is generally planned by the Senior Staff, and plans may be altered. People start arriving Friday afternoon, but the bulk of the travel happens Saturday morning. All families are responsible for their own meals until the wonderful Saturday evening meal.

Arrivals: All morning.

7:15am: The Troop trailer and 3 carloads of dads make a trip to the grocery  store.
Noon-5PM: The Troop Weekend officially begins with patrols going through “stations” all afternoon. Families can go down to the water and swim.
1:30PM: First lineup. All Scouts must be at camp.
1PM-5PM: The troop trailer returns with wonderful things to eat. Most of the afternoon will be spent figuring out how to store all the food and what we should eat for which meal. The preparation for the evening meal will begin and several hours will be spent slicing and dicing, coaxing the barbecue to life, laying out the hors d’oeuvres, etc. All fathers are encouraged to join these endeavors, and it’s usually a pretty good time.
2PM: Stations Begin
2:30PM: Stations for Troop 1 1/2 and Scout-age siblings (meet at Flagpole)
5:30PM: Flag Ceremony
5:45PM: Patrols make dinner (graded). The parents enjoy dinner and conversation. CAMPFIRE happens once it’s dark with skits and songs by all patrols.
8:00PM - Campfire

Breakfast prepared by the Dads. Scouts eat with their Patrol. (no flag ceremony)
10:00-Noon: Lakeside Canoe Frolics & Follies. This is a patrol competition that happens in the canoes and involves all families and siblings. Samples are:

  • “Drag the Dad”  canoe race

  • “Hand Paddle Race”

  • “Sibling/Scout Race”

  • “Save the Mom” and others


All participants finish soaked. All spectators have sore stomach muscles from laughter. Kids who aren’t actively participating and most siblings are usually playing in the lake. Everyone in the water wears Personal Flotation Devices. It’s really fun.

12:30PM: Lunch cooked by new fathers! Everyone eats together for this meal.
2:00-3:00PM: Chapel
4:00-4:30PM: Family Race, an exciting patrol competition involving hula hoops, bananas, burlap bags, whipped cream pies, and watermelons for family members of all ages.  This takes place in the field just beyond the campfire circle.
4PM-ish: Dads are making dinner again. More barbecue smoke, more conversation, and more slicing and dicing manage to make the afternoon pass a bit too quickly. The scouts join us for this meal. They really eat a lot!!!
6PM: Flag Ceremony followed by Dinner.  Everyone eats together for this meal.
8:00PM: CAMPFIRE. More skits and songs. This is also the auction campfire and the scouts cleverly bid on boxes of rocks they are convinced are boxes of candy. Don’t ask me why. It’s a tradition.

Breakfast begins. The scouts join us for breakfast. Amazingly, after all the food they ate the night before, they are ravenous.
9:00AM: The fathers then begin breaking down the kitchen tools, cleaning up and packing the trailer. All leftovers are put out and everyone makes lunches. Tents are packed, and the camp is basically struck to the cars.
10AM: Camp Sweep
10AM: Make lunch and pack cars
10:30AM: Back to the Waterfront
11:00AM-1:30PM: Scout Regatta
1:30PM: Leave for Santa Monica

Again, this is a preliminary schedule and may or may not be accurate. The Senior Staff will make the final determination of what happens when.