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About Troop 2 ...


Troop 2 was founded in 1947 and has been operating continuously in Santa Monica ever since. With approximately 70 members, we are one of the largest Boy Scout troops in the Western United States. Over the years, more than 368 of our young men have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.

​Troop 2 strives to teach young men about the outdoors through camping and high adventure trips. We also provide opportunities for them to serve their community and teach them how to handle emergency situations.

Above all, Troop 2 teaches Scouts to treat others with respect, honesty and kindness. We hope to prepare our young men for responsible citizenship in their community and the world.



Here are some examples of the programs and events that we’ve enjoyed over the past few years.

  • Summer camps in Catalina, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, and New Mexico

  • Annual winter ski trips. We have gone to Mammoth and Utah.

  • Canoeing around Catalina and in Minnesota. Canoeing instructions in Marina del Rey

  • Backpacking in the Rocky Mountains, High Sierras, Grand Tetons, and Big Bear.

  • Camping in regular monthly campouts around Southern California and elsewhere.

  • Annual family camp and canoeing tournaments near Paso Robles every Memorial Day weekend.

  • Bloody Monday: Every other spring, we stage mock disaster in concert with the city's Fire & Rescue crews, and Police Department to teach emergency preparedness.

  • Weekly meetings Monday nights at the Lincoln Middle Schol Gym. Visit or check our Calendar at for more information.

  • Regular patrol meetings, where boys can make friends, learn new skills, and work on projects as part of a multi-age team.

  • Regular Family get-togethers to celebrate Scouts' achievements.

  • Instruction in swimming, first aid, CPR, and other skills.


Key Issues For Parents

  • All events are well supervised.

  • Parents are encouraged to attend any and all activities, including campouts and summer camps.

  • Leadership skills are taught in a proven program.

  • Hazing is not tolerated.

  • Good values are promoted.

  • Troop 2 is an all-volunteer organization. We welcome parental support and participation.

  • Troop 2 is a friendly, inclusive organization. It's a great place to meet other parents and families from all around our community.

  • A high percentage of our Scouts attain the rank of Eagle.

  • College Admission Offices highly consider Scouting success.


Let us tell you about our organization!

       Every year, Troop 2 opens its doors to new members. We would like to invite 5th through 7th grade boys and their parents to learn more about our Troop, and all the great things it has to offer.

       Whether you're looking for fun, adventure, friends, outdoor recreation or leadership skills -- you'll find them all here!

        We are recruiting boys who wants to learn and grow in a positive atmosphere, and families who are enthusiastic about supporting their sons.


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