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Troop 2 Parent Booster Club Job Descriptions

Communications Chair

The role of Communications Chair involves the following:

  • Inputs email addresses of the parents into her computer so she can send messages to parents only. The president will first send the message to her, and she sends it to all Troop 2 parents and alumni parents who wish to remain on the list.

  • At the last Parent's Booster Club meeting, finds out from the parents leaving the troop if they want to remain on the email list.

Hospitality Chair

Provide refreshments (drinks and cookies) for three events: Fall Open House, Spring Open House and after the Holiday Caroling (consult Troop 2 Calendar for dates).

I found it easiest to send out an e-mail, to all, requesting baked goods about one week prior to event. Boys and parents will deliver sweets to the Cafeteria. Tablecloth (red), napkins, plates and cups needed (obtain from "Supplies Chairperson"). Flowers lend a nice touch. Water, tea, coffee, lemonade and milk encouraged. No sodas please.

  • Open Houses
    Nice to offer parents of prospective scouts a choice of two beverages with homemade cookies

  • Holiday Caroling
    Refreshments are for our boys (confirm current number of scouts). Milk, water and hot chocolate if you can swing it. Loads of good treats.Ref


This is a wonderful position to co-chair. You will not regret accepting this position (especially if you share it with another parent!).

Mentor Program Chair (Troop 1 1/2):

The role of Mentor Program Chair involves the following:

  • Getting the names of new families in Troop 2 and pairing them with a "veteran" family in the troop from a list of volunteers. May require making the initial call to new families to identify who they know in the Troop or if they have a mentor preference.

  • Calling the families in need of a mentor and reminding them to keep in contact with the new families.

Mentors Program Chair (Recruits):


  • Encourage new families to attend Troop events and get involved with Parent's Booster Club, volunteering, etc.

  • Remind new families to come to the important events like Court of Honor (This time will be an inspiration to them even if their son is not getting anything), and Family Camp (offer to sit with them at dinner if they don't know anyone else yet), and Spring Auction Dinner.

  • Be available to answer questions.

  • Share the tidbits of info -- like start keeping track of the hiking/ camping miles on the Troop calendar; don't help your scout at campouts; how the patrols get extra points, etc.

Parent's Booster Club President:

The role of Parent's Booster Club President involves the following:

  • Presides over the 4 Parent’s Booster Club Meetings that are held during the year

  • Approves the calendar for troop meetings and events

  • Serves for 2 years

  • Contacts the various Chairpersons throughout the year to see if they need any help with their various events. (There is a very detailed procedure book to help the president throughout her 2-year term.)

Publicity Chair:

The role of Publicity Chair involves the following:

  • Puts together the Eagle Court Program and then has it printed.

  • Contacts various newspapers in our area to announce Eagle Courts and other special troop events. (There is a very detailed procedure book for this.)

Supplies Chair:

The role of Supplies Chair involves the following:

  • You keep supplies in your home, such as coffeepots, or glass vases that are used at the Eagle Court in February.

  • If the Supply Chair does not have room to store supplies in their home, supplies can be stored in the Troop 2 garage. However, the garage is very disorganized, and it is difficult to keep Parent's Booster Club supplies separate.

  • Chairpersons of upcoming events will contact you to coordinate pick-up/drop-off of supplies.

  • You will have to replenish any necessary supplies and submit your receipt to the treasurer to be reimbursed.



The role of Parent's Booster Club Treasurer involves the following:

  • Collects the money for Parent’s Booster Club sponsored events (Luncheon, Spring Auction Dinner, Eagle Courts).

  • Reimburses people for their Parent's Booster Club related expenses.

  • You will have to replenish any necessary supplies and submit your receipt to the treasurer to be reimbursed.

Uniform Exchange Chair:

The role of Uniform Exchange Chair involves the following:

  • Collect and redistribute shorts, pants, and even socks.

  • Sell neckerchiefs and maintain stock. Order new supplies when needed.

  • Be prepared to bring neckerchiefs to the Courts of Honor so they can be presented to New Scouts who are entering Recruits. This involves contacting the person in the position of Advancement/Records in the parent committee or Mr. Matise.

Vice President:

The role of Parent's Booster Club Vice President involves the following:

  • Substitutes for the Parent's Booster Club President when she is not available.

  • Serves for one or two years.

  • Enhances communication and attendance at Parent Meetings and Courts of Honor.

  • Contact all parents in the Recruit Patrol and encourage them to attend the next Parent Meeting and Court of Honor. Give date, time, and location.

  • Contact each Patrol Leader's Parent to assign an adult in the Patrol (preferably Assistant Patrol Leader's Parent) to remind/invite parents to the next Parent Meeting.

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