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The Sash

The SASH is worn after a Scout achieves STAR RANK. The SASH is never worn to Troop Meetings. It is worn with the Full Uniform to Formal Occassions.

NOTE: Wearing the Sash with STAR Rank and above is a Troop2 requirement, not BSA.


Only Merit Badges are to be worn on the FRONT of the SASH. You may see Scouts wearing many other things on the front of their SASH. This is wrong. Merit Badges ONLY.

The Badges may be worn in any order you choose. Traditionally, scouts wear them in the order they were received, but there is no rule about this.

You may be wondering what to wear on the BACK of the SASH. This is the home of your old Patches from Pupukea, Emerald Bay, etc., old Patrol Patches, Totin' Chip.

The BACK of the SASH is NOT home to previous rank patches, your old year pins, and pins of any kind such as Icycle Camper.

The SASH is always worn over the right shoulder and under the left arm, even if you're dyslexic or left handed.

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