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Campout to Paradise, Santa Barbara - March 17 & 18, 2018
Includes Solvang Bike Ride
Red Rock Canyon State Park is a fascinating campground on the NE edge of the Mohave Desert. The canyon itself is in the El Paso Mountains of the Sierra Nevada's 25 miles NE of Mohave on Highway 14. It is an area steeped in history.
Red Rock features scenic desert cliffs, buttes, and spectacular rock formations. The fluted flods you see in the photos are the result of wind and rain erocding the softer materials beneath the dark caprocks which were formed by a harder lava flow layer.

The cliffs have been the location of many movies including Jurassic Park, Lost in Space, the Flintstones movie, and Beneath the Planet of the Apes. If you have any interest in photography, bring your camera. The canyon is considered a wonderful classroom for the study of geology and paleontology as well as an ideal place for camping and exploration. The base of the canyon is about 2,500'. In March, the temperature could reach 70 degrees during the day and drop to 40 degrees at night. It is often windy, and March is when the wildflowers are beginning to bloom. There are vault (no flush) toilets. Rattlesnakes are common. The nearest town is Randsberg, a mining/ghost town with a small Bed & Bath. The biggest cities nearby are Mohave, 25 miles south and Ridgecrest, 31 miles north in Kern County.

Campouts - Boys leave from Lincoln Middle School Basketball Court at 1501 California Avenue in Santa Monica at 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning. All boys should bring a sack lunch for Saturday and about $7.00 to buy lunch on the trip home. Boys are returned to their homes Sunday afternoon, usually between 2-4p.m. Scouts must be in full uniform traveling to and from camp and are responsible for bringing the required gear. With advance arrangements, equipment such as tents can be shared. Patrol leaders are responsible for arranging food for the patrol and costs are shared. Scouts not yet in patrols need to report to the assistant scoutmaster in charge of their rank.

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