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Recruit Patrol

Once your son completes the Troop 1-1/2 requirements, he will join the Recruit Patrol. In this patrol, scouts earn the rank of Tenderfoot by working together with assistant scoutmasters to learn the basic scouting skills in more detail. The Recruit Patrol is involved with the rest of the troop for some activities, but mostly it is designed to help new scouts learn how to work on their own and prepare them to join a regular troop patrol. The Recruit Patrol requirements checklist will be given to new members and you can get another copy below.  We will work together to complete these requirements but your son is expected to do much of the work at home. In addition to the listed requirements, Recruits must attend at least one troop campout with the Recruit Patrol.

The Recruit Patrol meets along with the full troop on Monday nights from 7:00 - 9:00 pm.  The meeting starts in the gym and moves into the cafeteria at 7:30 pm.


Tenderfoot Requirements:

Meeting Requirements:  Each Scout should:

  • Wear the Scout uniform to the meeting

  • Come prepared to learn new skills.

  • Bring his Scout Handbook

  • Bring paper, and pencil or pen

  • Bring Recruit Advancement Sheet


Campout Food and Packing
Bear in mind that it takes a few camps to figure out exactly what you need.  Sometimes you'll bring too few items and may be cold or uncomfortable while other times you bring too much making you pack unnecessarily heavy.  The first time or two you should probably over pack so you don't freeze.


You MUST wear a scout uniform during the drive to and from camp. Do not bring any electronic devices.

Scouting Equipment and Supplies
The necessary Scout materials can be obtained at the Westside Scout Store, at 10131 National Boulevard.


Note: When you earn a merit badge you will receive a blue card signed by the merit badge counselor and someone from the Board of Review.  Keep these cards safe as you may have to produce the cards if the Scout earns Eagle Scout.  Put the cards in a safe place where they will not be misplaced or lost.   Also, keep a log book documenting your Scouting activities.  Log camps, hikes, merit badge activities, and other Scouting activities. Keeps a copy of the merit badge cards in the log book.


After a scout completes the recruit patrol he will attend the next "Board of Review" where he will be retested on many of the skills learned in 1-1/2 and Recruits. Anything is fair game for the testing, but you will definitely be asked the Scout Oath, Motto, and Slogan.  You may be asked to tie one or more knots. It may be several weeks or even months after he completes the Recruit Patrol requirements before the next Board of Review. Sometimes boys don't review properly and therefore, do not pass the board of review. Often there are make-up boards so you may get a second chance to pass. If you don't pass, then the scout will have to wait until the next "Court of Honor" to be awarded the Tenderfoot rank. You will still participate in all patrol activities in the meantime.



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