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Recruit Program

The Recruit Patrol meets along with the full troop on Monday nights from 7:00 - 9:00 pm.  The meeting starts in the gym and moves into the cafeteria at 7:30 pm.


Tenderfoot Requirements:

Fitness Requirements (Requirement #10)
The physical fitness pretest will happen near the end of Troop 1 1/2, given by either one of the adults or staff members who help there. (We’ll train the staff so any one of them is able to do the test.) In the SM Conference for Troop 1 1/2, the Scoutmaster will discuss equipment for camping and provide a list of suggested equipment, so that the Scout is prepared for Requirement #1. (Mr. Gunter may also want to include some discussion of this in Troop 1 1/2, perhaps during and after the physical fitness pretest), The fitness postest will be given after all 6 modules have been completed but before the Scoutmaster conference. Again, we will “borrow” an adult or staff member from Troop 1 1/2 to give the test. This will complete requirement #10.
Camping Requirements

At the first troop campout after the Recruit has begun the module sequence, he will become an “adjunct” member of one of the regular troop patrols. On this campout, he will complete Requirements #1-3 and #8.

Each module will run from 7:35 to approximately 8:35. The remaining time can be used to take or retake one of the standardized tests. The Scout may not take the test the same night as the module that teaches the skills. At this point, I see two things that should be tested:

1. First aid skills.

2. Knots and lashings.


It would be desirable if all, or most, of the modules had a quick fun game incorporated.



1. Discuss the meaning of the Scout Law, points 1-3 (Requirement #7)
2. Safe hiking. What to do when lost (Requirement #5)
3. Poisonous plants (Requirement #11)


1. Discuss the meaning of the Scout Law, points 4-6 (Requirement #7)
2. First aid. (Requirement #12)


1. Discuss the meaning of the Scout Law, points 7-9. (Requirement #7)
2. Cooking/sanitation, including use of Coleman stove (prep for Requirement #3)


1. Recite and discuss the meaning of the Scout Law, points 10-12. (Requirement #7)
2. Whip/fuse rope. Tie three kinds of hitches. (Requirement #4)
3. Square lashing and shear lashing.


1. Discuss the meaning of the Scout Oath. (Requirement #7)
2. Square knot, bowline, sheet bend.
3. Diagonal lashing and tripod lashing.


1. Discuss the meaning of the Scout Slogan and Motto. (Requirement #7)
2. Introduction to compass and topo maps (perhaps GPS). (related to Requirement #5)
3. Buddy system/bullying. (Requirement #9)
4. Review the outdoor code.

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